Sara Alfageeh

Sara Alfageeh is a Jordanian-American illustrator and creative director in Boston. She is passionate about history, teaching, girls with swords, and the spaces where art and identity intersect. 
I can be reached by placing a fresh cup of chai at dawn while humming out of tune, or by email at alfaillustration@gmail.com


Represented by Charlie Olsen / InkWell Management



Lesley University

College of Art + Design

BFA - Illustration

Select Awards

- Society of Illustrators (Art direction)

- Spectrum: Best of Contemporary Fantastic Art (Illustration)

- Kingston-Mann Student Achievement Award for Diversity and Inclusion (Writing) 

Select Clients

+ Credits

Star Wars 

Chronicle Books

NYU Game Center



Lion Forge

Hank Green


"Representation in the SPIDER-VERSE (and why it matters)"

Panelist / March, 2019 / Chicago Entertainment and Comics Expo

Chicago, IL

"Colonized Dreams"

Speaker + Curator / March, 2019 / The Knockdown Center


"Searching for 3-Dimensional Religion in 2-Dimensional Fiction"

Panelist / November, 2018 / Columbia University


"Women of The Galaxy"

Panelist + Signing / October, 2018 / New York Comic Con


"Advocacy in the Arts"

Speaker + Exhibitor / March, 2018 / Boston College

Chestnut Hill, MA

"New Rules"

Speaker + Curator / January, 2018 / MIPSTERZ

Cambridge, MA

"Comics and Islam"

Speaker / ​October, 2017 / Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo 

Cambridge, MA

"Re: Claiming Narratives"

Speaker + Curator / October, 2017 / MIPSTERZ

Cambridge, MA

"Hoodies to Hijabs"

Speaker + Organizer / November, 2016 / Lesley University College of Arts and Design

Cambridge, MA

"Cosplay and CONfidence"

Speaker / April, 2016 / Anime Boston

Boston, MA

Frequently Asked Questions

"Do you draw digitally? What programs do you use?"

Yep, I draw digitally. I first tend to do rough sketches on paper because it's easier for me to get ideas down quickly that way, and then I do almost all work entirely in Photoshop CC. I use the kyle webster brushes. 

"What tablet do you use? I'm new to art what do you recommend I use?"

Cintiq 22 HD, and rely on my cheap intuos4 when I travel. One costed nearly 2 thousand bucks and one costed $100. Both get the job done honestly. 

"Can you give me a portfolio review?"

If you ask nicely, and can come up with specific questions for me, sure. 

"Can you promo my kickstarter/book/webcomic/dog's IG?"

If I like it, yeah of course.

"Can you draw for my indie comic/kids book?"

Probably not.

"Do you do commissions at conventions?"

No. If you'd like something traditionally done that you'd like to pick up in person at a convention however, email me. We can maybe sort something out.

"Does drawing ever get easier?"

No. If it ever does I'll report back. 


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